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My Reading with Carmel had a huge transformative impact on my life. She looked at issues and blockages around relationship, home and work. The clarity which I received was just what I needed to move forward with the next chapter of my life. She is incredibly concise and intuitive. I felt very comfortable with her! Truly, I felt a weight had been lifted and the healing was powerful. I'm looking forward to future sessions with Carmel, "She is my go to.

Rachel P.

Carmel is truly gifted. I was a little scared of getting a reading and did not know what to expect. She looked at my relationship, family, health and lots of other things which I did not expect! There was so much information and all so accurate. I felt free and light with a renewed sense of hope and excitement for my life after the reading.

This woman is a beautiful soul.

Helen M.

I got referred to Carmel from a friend. As a Scientist, I was sceptical. She looked at my Start Up and blocks/ issues from my personal life affecting my Professional. I received such clarity and direction that I had the confidence to bring my company to the next level. My marriage has improved too since the reading! Thank you Carmel, you have changed my perspective about Psychic Energy Work!

Michael B.

I have been working with Carmel for about 6 years. My work with her has changed the course of my life and empowered me to grow in ways, I didnt know were possible. Because of me work with Carmel, I have healed physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Carmel has the ability to see and understand what is happening in my life and advise me on how best to move forward. Working with Carmel is a gift. Her ability to heal is remarkable. She is incredibly humble and kind. If you are fortunate to work with her, it will change your life.

Alison B.


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