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Swastha means health and being rooted in the self.
I believe wellness starts from within.
Swastha Living is where I share and inspire holistic living fusing the
ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Science based Functional Medicine
to live a well-nourished life.


I’m Carmel –Registered Nurse, Functional Medicine Health Coach and Ayurvedic Health practitioner. My mission is to help you to feel healthy and empower you with greater self-awareness and connection to your true nature.

I began my health journey in my early teenage years learning about health as I had my own struggles. I always knew that I wanted to help people feel better and I had an insatiable desire to learn about health and what makes us feel good. This information that I was learning was for my own curiosity and searching for the answers to my own healing.

I knew sharing this passion for good health was my calling. I studied Nursing which brought me on a round the world trip where I ultimately ended up living in California for the past 20 years.

During that time while working as a nurse, I was studying and exploring alternative health modalities. Everything that I studied was something that I was drawn to and not something I “had” to do. My offering to you is a combination of all these things, the best of Eastern and Western medicine combined to integrate a complete health plan uniquely created for you.

Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, Alexander Technique, Ayurveda, Intuitive reading of energy and chakra clearing, Feldenkrais, Egoscue and Functional Medicine Health Coaching.

Things that I integrate in my life daily and believe in meditation, yoga, pilates, functional mobility, HITT training, walking/ biking, mediterranean diet, nature and design.

Interior design, writing and art are my hobbies!



My philosophy is that we are all our own healers given the right tools and knowledge.

The word for “health” in Ayurveda is Swastha. You know those people who radiate joy and literally glow? This is swastha embodied,people who are confidently established in themselves. Our health isn’t just the absence of disease; it’s a dynamic state of harmony between our physical body, mind, senses and soul.

I know to feel good in our bodies and have this radiance is a result of our daily habits. To stay in balance and harmony with ourselves requires intention and awareness. A desire to feel good.

Ayurveda and Functional Medicine both teach us how to care for these four aspects of our wellbeing by paying close attention to the ways our environment affects our state of health, and how to use right thinking, diet and lifestyle to maintain that inner equilibrium.

When modern life pushes and pulls us in so many directions, it’s easy to forget who we are and how to stay centered in ourselves. With an abundance of information out there on different diets, superfoods, workouts and more, we can get easily lost in a sea of information, jumping from trend-to-trend, seeking solutions to our health challenges, but never getting to the root of our imbalances.

This is my core mission—to help you move beyond trends and into truth. I wish to empower you with greater self-awareness and connection to your true nature. My goal is to not just give you a diet plan to follow, but to teach you practical tools and knowledge to know yourself deeply, and to create a healthy relationship with your wellbeing through the many seasons and stages of life.

I want women to lose this struggle with themselves, to feel light and free. In mind, body and spirit.


Ready to transform your life and reconnect with your inner wisdom?
Learn more about my offerings and how we can work together.

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